Oriental Adventures: Adventures in Kara-Tur

Constructed from Adventures in Kara-Tur, Oriental Adventures, Heroes of the Orient, and Monsters of the Orient. Using Kara-Tur Trail Map as the maps

The Campaign

The Main Quest is to uncover the truth of the newly resurgent Shadowlands and stop the Taint permeating from it from infecting all of Kara-Tur.
Along the way there are several adventures to be had; Fighting ghouls and oni, the multitude of secret political plots, and perhaps even meeting with an ancient lung dragon. Some examples are given on the Side Adventures wiki page.

Kara-Tur has many different countries each with unique governments, customs, ideals, combat styles, classes, and races. And within each country or kingdom exist provinces and the like with their own landscapes, economies, and lifestyles. It is a complex and interesting setting with endless things to explore. See the Wiki for a list of countries and details.

The Shadowlands

A vast, desolate wasteland stretching for uncounted miles north of the Ama Basin. The corruption of the Shadowlands, known as Taint, poisons the mind, body, and spirit of anything within. Therefore, it is also the area fueling the main quest of this campaign.


While the population of Kara-Tur is mostly humans, they have some other interesting and unique races. It’s important to note that non-human races from the player’s handbook and volo’s guide to mosters don’t originate it Kara-Tur. See the Wiki for a list of human varieties and races.


I decided to start in Shou Lung. It is a well established empire with clear levels of government and an Emperor who is currently posting contracts for adventurers throughout the country. My Main Quest follows a timeline of beginning in Shou Lung.

For more experienced adventurers (and DMs who don’t mind some work), starting in the Ama Basin (or the Northern Wastes as they’re commonly referred to) lets you take a more difficult approach. It is an amalgamation of different human, korobokuru, and nezumi tribes. With no unified government or culture, 100+ different taboos, and tainted monsters commonly appearing or even holding tribal lands of their own; so your party can haphazardly fight make their way to Shou Lung. Experiencing some of the Shadowlands’ taint for themselves before getting into the campaign.

Adventures in Kara-Tur 5e Homebrew