An Invitation from the Magistrate

After dealing with the after effects of the raid on the Temple of Kwang-Ying, the Magistrate welcomes you to join him for a congratulatory dinner and then accompany him as guests to the martial arts tournament the following morning.

After arriving you are introduced to the magistrate’s Wu Jen advisor, Zo Chung Kao. Over dinner you discuss the happenings of the Lantern Festival:

  • 4 of the Kwang-Ying monks are dead
  • 7 of the White Tiger monks have been arrested for murder
  • The Monastery, and the Abbot, are currently under investigation for plotting the destruction of the temple and multiple murders.
  • The Abbot Cho Fong maintains that the Immortals themselves appeared to him telling him the place and time to strike; he only acted in accordance with the Will of the Heavens.
  • This is the time for the party to bring up any information gathered at the festival, if they wish.

Magistrate Li Sung Ming gives you all his sincere thanks and pays the party 75GP in payment for your exceptional service to Cham Fau.
After dinner you are given rooms in the guest house to stay the night and Advisor Kao goes back to his home in a comfortable looking wagon.


In the morning you are served a simple but high quality breakfast before meeting the magistrate by the front courtyard. The Magistrate and his wife take their comfortable wagon and you are loaded into a more basic wagon which follows behind them to the dock. Once there you take a modest boat (quite large and high quality compared to the flatbottomed scows of the fishermen) across the river. While traveling Li Sung Ming gives each of you a pin made of iron with an embossed symbol on it, he tells you these will let anyone know that you are honored guests of his and therefore meant to be at the fortress today, Mei Kuei Chu has studied the etiquette of such events and will guide you through any concerns while there.

As you pass by Min Fang Island the boat bottom grazes something, shuddering the boat lightly. Suddenly 2 kappa jump onto the deck from the water, yelling acusitorily at you in a strange language.

Once you near Ting Shen Island you can see other similar types of boats, and some larger ornate ones, coming to the island as well. You dock and land without any further problems.

An Invitation from the Magistrate

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