Cham Fau

Cham Fau, Hai Yuan , Shou Lung .

Cham Fau is a typical river valley town of about 10,000 people, located along the Hungste basin along the rice plain. The terrain itself is a river valley toward the north, passing between high cliffs, eventually widening into broad floodplains with islands and bluffs to either side.

Cham Fau is made of two towns. One is Fu Te, a ring of high hills above the flood plain, where the wealthy and powerful dwell in their stately mansions and temples. Here, the streets are paved with stone and well-patrolled by the local magistrate’s guards. Great arched gates face the street, usually covered with bronze representations of “lucky” signs, dragons and monsters, designed to scare away misfortune and evil spirits. On the highest hill is the Monastery of the Path, with it’s imposing red lintel gates and golden shrines. Below is the local magistrate’s house, with high white walls and rich wood trimmings.

Below, on the floodplain, amidst a chaos of bridges, canals, roadways and moored river sampans, dwell the common people; merchants, mendicants, peasants and thieves. The roads here are of hard packed earth and infrequently patrolled. During the spring
floods and monsoons, they turn into morasses of mud. Between Huang Bay and the mainland, a great canal runs north to south, jammed with houseboats, sampans, rowboats and barges. Above this choked waterway, arch high wooden bridges painted bright red (the most lucky color) and covered in gold filigree and carved symbols.

Here are the locations in Cham Fau:

  1. Ting Shen Island
  2. Farm of Mo Shi Tam
  3. Min Fang Island
  4. The Seven Sons Tavern
  5. Mok Clan family compound
  6. The Lucky Dragon Inn
  7. Central Marketplace
  8. T’ung Shen’s Strong Steeds of Noble Birth
  9. Master San Maie’s House of Apothecary
  10. Lo Fan’s Magnificent House of Weapons
  11. Shou Mai Ting Restaraunt
  12. House of Fo Wok, the Tailor
  13. House of Chih Liao, the Physician
  14. Temple of Kwang-Ying, Mistress of Compassion
  15. Mi Fa Teug’s Ever Bountiful Emporium of Dried Goods and Traveler’s Accessories
  16. The Garrison House of Cham Fau
  17. Wa Ko Inn
  18. Compound of the Shen Clan
  19. Warehouse of the Shen Clan
  20. Feng Su Warehouses
  21. The Feng Su Compound
  22. The Forest of Shen Hua
  23. The Compound of the Shuii Clan
  24. The Wang Ho School of Martial Arts
  25. White Tiger Monastery
  26. The Compound of the Magistrate , Li Sung Ming
  27. Fu Te (wealthy region))
  28. The Compound of the Tai Jen Clan
  29. The House of Zo Chung Kao
  30. House of T’an Chen
  31. House of To Sheng Li
  32. Tz’ Wei Grove
  33. The House of the Hermit, Lan To Te
  34. The House of Tang Hai Tao
  35. Compound of the Yen Chow Clan
  36. Glorious Moon Flower Rising Fish Dock
  37. Mu Pei Cemetery
  38. Twelve Serpent Deep

Cham Fau

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