Ch'ing Tung

The Land

Ching Tung reaches from the edge of the salt plain, moving south through sloping grasslands into the fertile valley between the Hungtse and Ch’ing Tung Rivers. Following the Hungtse River northwest, the Silver Road runs through Tabot and eventually into the Forgotten Realms, although unknown hazards make this a perilous journey. It is along this basin that most of the village and river traffic moves south into Wang Kuo province.

The People

The largest ethnic group outside of the people of Wan Kuo, the Ch’ing are characterized by others as being clannish, pushy, and adventurous to a fault; This doesn’t bother them at all, as they consider Ch’ing Tung to be the center of the universe. They are more “night owls” than most Shou, fond of staying up late to drink in the wine shops and talk about all manner of current events. They are fond of experimenting with new foods (although they loathe lamb and mutton), often mixing tropical fruits and meats from the southlands into their favorite dishes (one of the favorite Ch’ing dishes is hot and spicy stewed snake with pineapple)


During the Li dynasty, the creation of the Dragon Wall made this region safe from the incursions of the horse barbarians. With its fertile river basin, many stands of trees, and available grazing area, Ch’ing lung became home to many farming clans, particularly the Ch’ing, who had suffered much oppression under the rule of the Hai Dynasty.

Cities / Places of Note

Shou’Kuan, a major city sits astride the Ningtang Road from Yenching. Taitung is a major river city at the southern end of the First Emperor’s Canal. Shangtou, a small backwater farming town has achieved fame for its fine tea and rice. Of special interest are the River Cities. These are located along the heavily journeyed Hungtse River basin, and are well known to all Shou citizens. They include: Mi’Shan, a small northern river city noted for its waterfalls and great Chung Tao shrine to Kwan Ying; To’Ming, a trade city and home of the Emperor’s Summer Palace.

Ch'ing Tung

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