The Land

This area is now a vast wind and drought-swept plain, with sparse grass and almost no water. It is said that the Chukei plateau is haunted by the ghosts from the dead Imperial capital of Kuo Meilan, who scream eternally in the frozen night.

The People

The people of Chukei are the tallest of the Shou, slender, with high cheekbones. They are the only Shou who commonly have reddish or brown hair, rather than the usual black; in fact, the term for a redhaired person is chukien. They are somewhat wild in temperament, with a cold anger that reflects their courageous bearing. They are excellent horsemen and swordsmen.


This is the original province in which the Empire began, originally known as Chu’ ta Te (The Great) Province. For one full Dynasty, the original Shou Lung Empire flourished here. The land was a fertile, open plain, in which millet and barley were grown. But by the end of the Li dynasty, the Nine Immortals, seeing the decadence of the Court, decimated the kingdom with drought and fire, forcing the survivors to flee southward.

Cities / Places of Note

Fukiow is a large mining city on the plateau, near the dead city of Kuo Meilan. Kangste is the major trade town on the Kuangchiu Road to Koryo. Chao Yang maintains a border garrison covering the junction of the Kuangchiu and Spice Roads. The dead city of Kuo Meilan is on the plain, little visited, it is the deserted capital of the First Kingdom; home of legends, ghosts and myths.


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