Iron Hand School

The famed martial arts school in Kuo Te’ Shou. It is considered to be one of the best in the Empire, and the list of applicants is long.

The Master Ling Ti Te Hsin (Sharp Mind) is a well known cartographer employed by the Ministry of Public Works in this capital city. The school is run within his family compound, where he lives with his mother, wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and assorted grandchildren; not to mention 3-9 students at any given time.

Only students who have already demonstrated real potential (at least lvl 4) in some kung fu style are considered for Ling Li’s dojo. Beginning students act as servants to the family, learning diligence, discipline, and humility. As they progress, they become recognized as Clan members.

The Iron Hand School teaches that to make the body ready for combat, it must be made as hard as iron. Students repeatedly plunge their hands into heated bowls of gravel to toughen their fingers. Hand and arm strikes are practiced against great iron statues. The floor of the dojo itself is made up of iron plates, to harden the body against falling.

Ling Li is very strict about his stuents avoiding combat unless provoked. In his school, martial arts are taught as a way of personal betterment, and combat is a last resort. However, students of the Iron Hand are not afraid of combat, and often compete in fighting tournaments.

Iron Hand School

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