Mok Clan

Mok Tien is the head of the Clan, and lives at his family compound with his wife Leilan, their grown up sons and their wives, unmarried daughters, grandchildren, and grandparents. Along with various goats, pigs, dogs, and other livestock.

Mok Tien is a prosperous fisherman by trade, and well known and respected within the community. He and his sons rise early each morning to go fishing for carp and eel on their boat the Bright Flower of Heavenly Sunrise .

The Bright Flower is unlike the other boats in the river, it is not a flat-bottomed scow but a 38ft sampan with covered cabin, a mast, and an open hold. Mok Tien fought in the Northern Campaigns in his youth and earned himself rank and some measure of wealth, which he invested wisely in the Bright Flower . He uses the Bright Flower to fish, transport goods for trade, and occasionally rent out to prospecting adventurers or local officials needing a ride downriver.

You would do well not to anger Mok Tien, as he is quite capable of turning the town out against you!

Mok Clan

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