The Lucky Dragon Inn

This is a large inn, catering to the river trade. It is open at all hours.
The Lucky Dragon is well known for it’s fine meals, and is the center of activity in Cham Fau.

Each afternoon the owner, Lin Po, buys the best of the mornings catch from the fishermen, while his wife Lan-ying oversees the lunch crowd. Lin Po has 3 strong sons to help, as well as 7 daughters of varying ages. His sons and eldest daughter are students at the Wang Ho School.

The Lucky Dragon is made up of the inn, a stable, and a separate house for the family. The services there are:

4 CP Mug of Millet Beer
2 SP Pitcher of Millet Beer
3 SP Ceramic Bottle of Sake
1 SP Catch of the Day with Rice
2 SP Pork Dumplings
1 GP per person per day for a private room and 3 meals
3 SP per person per day for a communal 10 person room with rice, tea, and pickles

The Lucky Dragon Inn

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