Ti Erte

The Second Province

The Land

Hilly and rolling, with deep valleys and terraced fields. As one approaches the coastline, the country becomes more rocky and strewn with dense belts of fog.

The People

The Ti are a shrewd, insular people, famed among the other peoples of Shou for their monumental cheapness. They are hardheaded, practical, and drive hard bargains. In stature, they are of average height, with deep set eyes and longish hair; fond of wearing heavy embroidered robes and tall, conical hats. The Ti comprise most of the money changers and lenders within the Empire.


By the time of the Second Dynasty, the many nobles of the region had fallen to squabbling among themselves for power and position. Eventually, these conflicts erupted into a series of bloody feuds. Ti Erte was the site of many terrible battles and wars; in fact, it is believed to be haunted by the ghostly spectre of Pin Mo Nom, the dreaded “Headtaker” of legend.

Cities /Places of Note

Liaopei, a large city across the river from the old capital of Hsi-Feng is known for its fine food (very hot), and colorful history of warfare with Sheng Ti province. Tsingtao is famed for its beer and wine, which are exported to the other provinces.

Ti Erte

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