Tien Lun

The Plains of Dispute

The Land

The land is ravaged by years of war; in some areas, nothing grows, not even grass. Great
stones of cities lie piled atop each other, and through the center of the land runs the Shattered Road of Kow Tang, its huge paved stones split and torn as by an earthquake. Expect no help here, nor sanctuary; this land is forsaken.

The People

The Tien are descended from the Wang, and as such have the same smooth skin, clear eyes and medium stature. But at this juncture, the resemblance ends. Ravaged by years of war, the Tien have become hostile, violent and sadistic; fond of cruel tricks and sharp knives. They can no longer be trusted by any of the Shou peoples, and they repay this distrust with a xenophobic hatred that borders on the maniacal. It is said, “The Tien makes a fell partner, a dangerous companion, and an untrustworthy lover. He is even worse as your enemy.”


Site of most of the major battles of the T’u Lung/Shou Lung conflict. Tien Lun is the site of the Shattered Road and the Battle of the Crimson Wheat (2315). Since this time, it has been the scene of several other great skirmishes, including the Betrayal of the CaHong-Chwi Garrison (2318), the Conflict of the Silver Clouds (2335), and the Battle of the Hammer (2413). Tien Lun is only tenuously part of the Empire and the Emperor must go to great effort just to keep it that way.

Cities / Places of Note

Central to it all is Chowchou, a half-ruined and battered city in the middle of the Shou-T’u Lung conflicts. Constantly captured and recaptured through the last 200 years, it has been partially reduced to rubble.

Tien Lun

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