Wa K'an

The Land that Views Wa

The Land

The land rises from the borders of Sheng Ti, finally reaching the sea in a series of towering white bluffs. The coast is broken by many deep inlets and coves, good for fishing and gathering pearls. On clear days, the locals like to claim that they can see the blue-black misty outlines of distant Wa.

The People

The people of Wa K’an are known as the Waka, and are in stature much like the Ti (something they bitterly protest whenever possible). They are a mixture of the poetry of the Sheng and the hardheadedness of the Ti; moody and fond of strong drink. The Waka are mostly fishermen who ply the sheltered coves and inlets of their rocky land, scraping out a modest living.


In the migration from the north, many of the displaced tribes and minor kingdoms found their way to the coast. Here they settled, retaining their old allegiances. Soon the many petty nobles began to war among themselves for land and position. There were several divisions in this time and the conflicts spread. Wa K’an became a buffer state between noble clans of the Empire. Over the years Wa K’an grew as a refuge for people caught between the conflict; with its long (and secret) military ties to Wa, it was able to maintain its neutrality for many centuries.

Cities /Places of Note

Hsiang, a small seaport town is noteworthy for its fine fish. It is also a favorite refuge of Wa nobles fleeing oppression.

Wa K'an

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