Yu' I

Province of Friendship

The Land

High mountain peaks, shrouded in ever present mists, the province of Yu’ I is rocky and cold. Snow frequently falls; at the higher passes near Tabot, there is deep snow all year long. Farming is rare, and then only on high terraces and mountainsides. The Yu raise goats; the only province to do so commonly.

The People

The Yu are much like the Kao in nature, being descended from the same stock. They wear heavier clothing, and are more touchy about their independence – it is very easy to provoke a Yu to a duel.


Important only as a military pass into Tabot and the West, Yu’ I was known for many years as a place of strong but friendly people. In later dynasties, overbearing taxes and garrisons of border troops caused this warm welcome to sour, ending in an abortive rebellion in 1771. While the rebellion was crushed, the 16th Emperor Chin showed great enlightenment by withdrawing most of his troops and allowing the people of Yu’ I a greater amount of selfdetermination in the years after.

Cities / Places of Note

Taichan, a small, heavily defended garrison town, has maintained a fierce independence from the bureaucracy for the last 20 years. The Temple of Saigai , a massive place of worship built by unknown peoples over 8,000 years ago, still dominates the icy High Pass. It has been long deserted. The entire pass is believed the den of some evil horror.

Yu' I

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